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What is an SEO?

Updated: May 15, 2023

and why it matters to your content creation

If you work in Media today - other than figuring out what ChatGPT is and how it's going to impact your work flow - SEO's are something you not only needs to understand but also need to master!

So, what does SEO mean?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Ok, so why is it so important?

Well, basically, when someone looks for the content you are creating, whether it's an article or a business, you want them to find YOU!

To put it simply:

  • You create a piece of content and publish it using key words that allow bots to find your information.

  • Bots search through all the published sites on the internet and gather information from content providers.

  • The bots index the information that is out there, they tag the information, and create a virtual catalog.

  • The bots rank the information they gather based on algorithms and give users a list of results - YOU want to make sure that your website and offerings are at the top of their list. So how do you do that without paying for advertising?

How can you improve your SEO rankings?

Well, if your marketing budget is low and you don't have a lot to spend on google ads, believe it or not, there is a strategy. As with everything else, it will take a little bit of planning! So, do some research! Find SEOs BEFORE you start writing, this makes it easier to plug the words into your writing or embed them on your page so that the bots will find you more readily.

Where do you find keywords?

Since Google is such an important part of this process, I would highly advise you to explore their keyword tools. There are other reliable search engine generator tools out there.

If you have a WIX website, they have a built in SEO tool that I highly recommend using whenever you create a new page or a new blog post. If you're in doubt, "google it" or, hire someone to help you out! I am happy to help you set an SEO strategy for your website, so why not set up an appointment?

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