• Calia Brencsons-Van Dyk

Where to get "Stock" footage

There are going to be times when you can't get the film or pictures that you need for your production from your own library. That's when "stock footage" comes into play...often this includes archival or library pictures. These are incredibly valuable to small production teams because it saves you from having to shoot new material every time. Sometimes you can get that footage from some of the subscriptions you already have. Wix for example as their own library as do Adobe. Many of these pictures can be obtained for free...many cost a nominal fee - and I highly encourage you to pay those fees as pictures and film do fall under copyright and the last thing you are your production want to have is a lawsuit because you "forgot" to credit a photographer or a film maker.

So, where can you find good stock photography? Here are some links that I hope will be helpful to you:

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