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What is Your Call to Action?

What is Your Call to Action - have you asked yourself that question lately?

I certainly have! I have also asked my friends and colleagues that question - a lot lately.

As a new member of the Wix Partnership program - I am constantly asking myself that question. It has helped me to find clarity and purpose in my personal life and in my professional goals. It is an important question - and one I had really heard for the first time, when I created my first website.

It was about ten years ago, I had just left the Martha Stewart Show and was becoming a freelance producer in New York City. I was building my first website and making every mistake in the book...and realizing that I need something easy and user friendly - that's how I built my first Wix Site. Soon after, I received an invitation to beta test a new version of their website builder and visited their 23rd Street office in New York. The $100 Amazon gift card was a nice incentive, the free one year business subscription sealed the deal. So, off I went to this very airy and welcoming space in Chelsea.

The Wix co-lounge was a sort of incubator for young businesses and offered weekly training opportunities in working on line. The day I went there, they basically, let me explore their new web building software and gave me the chance to use and work with their new templates and then let me save the final product. I then discovered that this space was a place that you could apply to become a member of - and if accepted you were welcomed in as a part of a family of young entrepreneurs.

It was an incredible opportunity and I was so inspired by the young businesses that were being hosted at the lounge. There were talented musicians, yoga instructors, business managers, music promoters, talented jewelry makers, artists and many, many more enterprising young people there. Their energy was inspiring and contagious - I was a part of the lounge for close to six months and looked forward to my time there. The seminars were helpful, instructive and eye opening - they made me look at my brand from a new angle and I was constantly reminded to ask myself one question: "what is your call to action?"

Recently, I was presented with the opportunity to join the Wix family as a partner - and given that I am constantly building and designing websites for my peers - it seemed like the perfect time to make it happen. Every part of the food, lifestyle and entertainment network use websites - so it is something that is integral to our livelihood - which is why this partnership made so much sense.

So...if you need some help, advice or coaching in Wix...give me a shout out. I'm here to help. At Calia-tivity my goal is to help your dream become a reality - this is one of the tools you can use to shape your story.

So...what is your Call to Action?



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